Michalis has been actively involved in teaching. Since 2008 he teaches for the BA and MA programs at Codarts, Rotterdam, University for the Arts. He held the position of Head of Studies for the Turkish Department from 2011-2014. The list of modules he has designed and taught include:

• Main subjects (instruments): Ney, Yayli Tanbur, Saz

• Music Ensembles

• Makam Music Theory

• Western Theory

• Arranging

• Minors Makam Modal Improvisation lv 1, lv 2

• Artistic Research methodology and coaching, Theses Supervisor

Masterclass for the Mikrotonality Conference, Stuttgart, Germany

Conferences • Masterclasses • Residencies • Summer camps

Presentations at Conferences

• 2021 Basel, GMTH   

2021 Harvard University Online, Performance in Late Antiquity and Byzantium

• 2018 Thessaloniki, Analytical Approaches to World Music

• 2017 Amsterdam, Researching Performance, Performing Research

• 2017 Strasburg,  European Conference of Music Analysis, Euromac

• 2017 Bangor, British Society of Music Analysis, Tags

• 2013 Porto Alegre, PERFORMA

• 2010 Stuttgart, Internationaler Kongress Mikrotonalität - Praxis und Utopie,  (publication by Schott Music)

Masterclasses - Workshops

• 2021, Univesity of Gothenburg, From improvisation analysis to theory
• 2020, Malta University, The Makam World through the ages
• 2018, Malta University, Makam Elements of Modality

• 2015, Chalki, Greece.  Building and learning to play the Ney
• 2014, Aarhus, GLOMAS program Makam Workshop
• 2014, Istanbul, ITU Jazz Masterclass with John Beasley

• 2011c Stuttgart, Praxis and Utopie, Makam Principles

Leading Residencies

• 2020 SULAKULTUUR, Composing, Artists in Residency, Sula, Norway

• 2020 Schwartz Foundation, Samos, Greece

• 2019 Sula Artists in Residency, Sula, Norway 

• 2016-2018 Rialto Music Residency, Platres • Lofou, Cyprus

Summer camps

• 1993-2010 Music and educational activities at Bank of Greece Summer camp, Athens, Greece

2019 HK Arts Festival with Kudsi Erguner Ensemble


Michalis is following a Ph.D. trajectory on the subject of Taksim analysis under the title:


Improvisation Transcription Analysis as a learning and teaching tool. A database of celebrated taksim performances, with synchronized audio and video score analyses on domains of technical and musical layers as well as interviews on improvisation practices

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List of Publications

Lecture Concert with Mr. Kudsi Erguner, Den Haag, Netherlands